The byway runs from Lucas, the “Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas” to Wilson, the “Czech Capital of Kansas”. With few trees on prairie in the 1860’s, the pioneers solved their fencing needs by forming limestone slabs into the posts this byway was named for.  Since then, artistic spirits have turned some of the posts along the route into creative works of art. 

No town accomplishes quirky and offbeat quite like Lucas, the northern end of the byway. The Garden of Eden started Lucas on its path to begin known as the “Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas”.  The Bowl Plaza public restrooms is a artistic treasure and a must see stop for visitors whether you need a potty break or not.  The Grassroots Art Center exhibits creative art from area artists, but the entire town is filled with grassroots art attractions.

Heading south on the byway out of Lucas, visit Wilson Lake, “The Clearest Lake in Kansas” and an angler’s paradise. In Wilson State Park, ride the world-renowned Switchgrass Mountain Bike Trail.