K-18 Driving Tour

Where can you enter PARADISE, find WALDO, and meet Adam and Eve at the GARDEN OF EDEN? Where else, but Along Kansas Highway 18. 
Jimmy Buffett would tell you to eat a cheeseburger in Paradise.  You can sure do this - Pick up your burgers in Plainville at The Cardinal Drive-In or in Luray and picnic under the Paradise Water Tower.

The unique French-Canadian community of Damar is home to the historic St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. This beautiful church was built in the early 1900’s using limestone from farther east on K-18.

Enjoy a weekend movie at the McKenna Youth and Activity Center in the small community of Palco, or enjoy a sandwich from the quaint Palco Grocery & Deli.

In  Plainville, take a rest at the City Park on Mill Street. You can also take a ride around the beautiful Plainville Township Lake to the west of town, including a hike on the new Plainville Lake Trail. Stop at  Brant’s Market for some great ring bologna or homemade sausage. If you miss Brant’s in Plainville, don’t worry, you can make a stop at the original location in Lucas.  P.S. Did you pick up your cheeseburgers at the Cardinal Drive In?

The tiny community of Codell offers a tale that even Ripley’s Believe it or Not found unbelievable. The community was hit by a tornado on three consecutive years on the same day, May 20, 1916, 1917, and 1918. Visit the  Tornado Sculpture  that commemorates the event.

Have a cheeseburger in Paradise at the base of the Paradise Water Tower – If you’re coming from the east, don’t forget to grab your burger in the nearby town of Luray.

Find Waldo in Waldo, then stop at the first log cabin built in Russell County in Luray.

The  Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas” is the town of Lucas. You can spend all day in this town visiting the quirky exhibits at The Garden of Eden or the Grassroots Arts Center .  Even if you don’t need a bathroom break, you’ll want to stop at the Bowl Plaza before you head out of town.

End your trip (or, east bounders, start your trip) at the clearest lake in Kansas,  Wilson Lake . Take a bike ride on the nationally known  Switchgrass Bike Trail, or just enjoy the incredible view from the surrounding hills.